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Advance AutoCAD

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AutoCAD was first launched as Interact Cad (also known as Micro Cad), in 1979 and later acquired by Autodesk cofounder Michael Riddle.

AutoCAD is computer-aided design (CAD) software developed by Autodesk. It allows architects, engineers, construction professionals, and designers to design and document precise 2D and 3D drawings of construction plans.

The software uses a comprehensive set variety of editing tools highly convenient in editing, designing, drafting, and documenting.

The AutoCAD software is used across industries such as civil, architectural, electrical, mechanical, automobile, aeronautical, etc. You can draft and edit 2d drawings, create isometric views in AutoCAD 2d, while AutoCAD 3d is used to create non-parametric 3d models (prototypes).

Why do we recommend AutoCAD?

AutoCAD program is indisputably the most popular designing app worldwide across all sectors including civil industries, mechanical industries, Automobile industries, etc.

The easy access tools and its user-friendly interface has made AutoCAD a standard for many industries worldwide including India, middle-east, Europe, etc

To REINFORCE, The AutoCAD 2020 course includes a detailed explanation of AutoCAD commands and tools. The instructor will explain each and every command and tool thoroughly with help of projects accompanied with various examples.

After the course completion, the candidate will be able to operate AutoCAD commands and tools like a professional.

Why choose us

To REINFORCE, with AutoCAD course training we aim to impart training on the essentials of the program and application technology. Through this AutoCAD course training, the candidates would get the chance to gain hands-on experience under the supervision of our experienced trainers, by using the intelligence with traditional engineering workflows of the plan.

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