Tender and Contract Management

Tender and Contract Management

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Reinforce Quantity Surveyor and Training Pvt Ltd offers an advanced and professional certification training program in tender, procurement, and contract management. Reinforce it is the leading training institute for a tender management course in India.

What is Tender Management?

The process of collaborating the designing and invitation of the proposal or tender with concise bidding pricing & the study of all the tender document work is called tender management (also bid management)

When does Tender Management Start?

The tender begins, when an appropriate Invitation To Tender (ITT) has been recognized. The ITT is a formal document that is issued by a purchasing party or company, to legally notify other companies that bid for a piece of work, project, or service are required. There is a fixed deadline issued by which the tenders must be returned and this makes bid management very dependent upon time.

Tender is the form of notice invitation given by the client to the contractor in the project for executing the work which is proposed by the client.

The objective of tender management Course

• To assist the candidates or professionals learn the procedure as well as the practice of bidding involved in infrastructure projects.

• To enable the candidates to understand institutional and legislative frames involved in bidding management in accordance with Indian standards.

• To enhance and make candidates capable of handling challenges encountered in bidding management

• encourage the candidates to opt for the highest standards of job designation in the construction industries by managing all tender documental work which is very crucial for considering any contract from client to the contractor

• maximize the goodwill in the construction companies and minimize the chances of dispute in contractual requirements.

• Improve the quality of contract administration and e-tendering in construction companies.

Our tendering, procurement, and contract management course has been categorized into eight modules. It is a multi-stage process and bidding is an important as well as a challenging stage in the process. This course is designed to appraise candidates in the field of bidding management systems. Reinforce quantity surveyor & training Pvt. Ltd is the best training institute for a tender management course in Delhi.

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