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3Ds Max

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Course Description

3ds max is a program developed and produced by Autodesk Media and Entertainment. The program is used for creating 3D models and animations.

3ds max is one of the most famous programs in the construction and designing world, due to its great speed and user-friendliness.

Course objective

Our course at REINFORCE is designed carefully for fresher and experienced candidates to impart skills and knowledge in the field of 3D modeling and animation.

3ds max is a renowned program in the world of construction engineers. It is used by civil engineers and architects to render 3d images of the interior and exterior of buildings.

The 3ds max program allows users to experience walkthrough animations

In today’s world, learning is about more than just earning a certificate. We also prepare our candidates for the big world of employment and opportunities.

Our unique innovative courses offer integrated training and learning.

At REINFORCE every course and program offers integrated training and learning and has proven to be a real success for our alumni.

With REINFORCE certification courses there is a high degree of freedom, that allows you to strategically build your skills. Many Architectural and engineering design companies use 3ds Max for rendering concept art and pre-visualization.

Why choose us

At REINFORCE, with the 3ds max course, we aim to impart training on the essentials of the program and application technology. Through this 3ds max course training, the candidates would get the chance to gain hands-on experience under the supervision of our experienced trainers. By using the intelligence with traditional engineering workflows of the plan.

  • Session 1
    27.56 min
  • Session 2
    Standard Parameter
    15.19 min
  • Session 3
    Extended Parameter
    15.29 min
  • Session 4
    Door and Windows
    13.49 min
  • Session 5
    AEC Extended
    11.54 min
  • Session 6
    11.04 min
  • Session 7
    CNC Pattern Design
    10.28 min
  • Session 8
    How to Make Shapes
    18.25 min
  • Session 9
    Import Cad File Making Wall Door
    22.01 min
  • Session 10
    LCD Design
    19.41 min
  • Session 11
    Making Pilow and Bed
    21.27 min
  • Session 12
    Side Table and Bedsheet
    17.56 min
  • Session 13
    Bed Back Leather Design
    20.39 min
  • Session 14
    Wardrobe Design
    19.41 min
  • Session 15
    Internal Wardrobes Design
    18.32 min
  • Session 16
    Modify List Part 1
    13.42 min
  • Session 17
    Modify List Part 2
    19 min
  • Session 18
    Ceiling Design 1
    16.11 min
  • Session 19
    Ceiling Design 2
    7.32 min
  • Session 20
    Make Room
    26.35 min
  • Session 21
    Make Room Part 2
    13 min
  • Session 22
    Modular Kitchen New Session
    10.23 min
  • Session 23
    Washroom Design New Session
    12.21 min
  • Session 24
    Vray Material Part1
    7.27 min
  • Session 25
    Vray Material Part -2
    18.47 min
  • Session 26
    Vray Material Part -3
    27.33 min
  • Session 27
    Table View With Material
    32.01 min
  • Session 28
    Vray Lights Part 1
    19.46 min
  • Session 29
    Vray Light Assign in Ceiling
    15.17 min
  • Session 30
    IES Light
    19.12 min
  • Session 31
    Vray Tools
    12.36 min
  • Session 32
    Render Setup for 3Ds Max Vray
    12.28 min
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