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Course Description

Sketch-Up was firstly developed by Brad Schell and Joe Esch and a company founded by them in 1999.

Sketch Up is 3D-based modeling software with designing an application for drawing architectural designs, interior designs, and exterior designs.

• Sketch Up is a simple and smart tool for creating, observing, and visualizing 3D ideas.

• Sketch Up Pro program combines and brings together the beauty of pencil sketching with the speed.

Why Sketch Up

Sketch Up is a popular tool for quick visualization of interior designing projects. SketchUp is great for beginners as well as professionals.

By Sketch Up, you can create anything you imagine in mind. It is used for render models, not only buildings but also various geometrical or asymmetrical patterns. Among the professional architects, Sketch-Up software is the most favored and preferable choice for executing pre-conceived imaginations.

The modern and latest features like v-ray vision can bring your designs to real-life experience.

You can navigate through your model from one end to another and also decorate with lights, arrange sofas, chairs, windows, and doors.

Why choose us

At REINFORCE, with the Sketch Up course, we aim to impart training on the essentials of the program and application technology. Through this Sketch Up course training; the candidates would get the chance to gain hands-on experience under the supervision of our experienced trainers, by using the intelligence with traditional engineering workflows of the plan.

  • Day1
    Sketch Up user interfacee
    120 min
  • Session 2
    Sketch Up tools intro
    19.02 min
  • Session 3
    Tools intro
    23.11 min
  • Session 4
    Tools details
    18.07 min
  • Session 5
    Using edit tab
    24.11 min
  • Session 6
    Import cad file in
    27.11 min
  • Session 7
    Work in the floor plan
    20.34 min
  • Session 8
    View Tabs
    25.17 min
  • Session 9
    Camera Tabs
    12.36 min
  • Session 10
    Make Led part 1
    25.47 min
  • Session 11
    Make led part 2
    14.11 min
  • Session 12
    Wardrobe design
    21.40 min
  • Session 13
    Wall panel Design
    17.09 min
  • Session 14
    Project for sketch up
    29.30 min
  • Session 15
    Ceiling design
    12.46 min
  • Session 16
    Default Tray using command
    19.08 min
  • Session 17
    Default, Material Part 1
    19.34 min
  • Session 18
    Material Part 2
    19.31 min
  • Session 19
    Material Part 3
    10.10 min
  • Session 20
    Lighting Part 1
    19.55 min
  • Session 21
    Lighting Part 2
    22.26 min
  • Session 22
    Kitchen Making
    17 min
  • Session 23
    Final project Work
    13.26 min
  • Session 24
    3.91 min
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please also provide drawings of kitchen layout.


One of the best training Center.Iam learning so many new things in this course .thank you so much .


I like the way of teaching, Thanks for wonderful experience


This is a very nice course

Name Date Time
Afternoon 20-09-2021 02:00 Pm - 04:00 PM
Evening 16-04-2021 10:00 AM - 12:00PM
Course info
  • Duration : 20 Days
  • Lectures : 25
  • Enrolled : Students
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