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Revit Structure

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Course Description

Revit Structure is Autodesk’s programming software is used by Structural engineers in engineering companies, based upon the BIM model.

Autodesk Revit structure helps in connecting and coordinating typical workflows between architects, structural engineers by allowing all parties to access the same project database.

Initially, Revit was first used primarily by architects, Autodesk released Revit Structure in 2005, and Revit MEP in 2006, enabling structural engineers and MEP engineers to create their own models and improve design collaboration amongst the disciplines.

In the Revit structure, Autodesk Software is used by the Civil Engineering Professionals as a 3D modeling program, any kind of structure like steel or concrete can be modeled by this software. This software renders 3D model images which can be represented in 3D as well as 2D.

Revit Structural program offers a cloud-based rendering tool, which provides the user a more realistic vision of the final outcome.


At REINFORCE you will learn how to explore the fundamentals of structural analysis in a Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow using Autodesk Revit for improving design accuracy, analyzing the effects of structural loads, etc.

Candidates will learn how to set load cases and boundary conditions and check a model for consistency, as well as how to use Autodesk Robot to perform detailed analysis and explore the results.

Our Revit Structural course is standardized to give you complete knowledge of Revit Structure, from basic to advanced level.

  • Session 1
    14.15 min
  • Session 2
    User Interface
    27.59 min
  • Session 3
    22.30 min
  • Session 4
    Grids and Walls
    30.41 min
  • Session 5
    15.05 min
  • Session 6
    Beam, Beam System, and floors
    25.28 min
  • Session 7
    Truss, Brace, and Foundation
    22.40 min
  • Session 8
    Application of Reinforcement
    25.34 min
  • Session 9
    Model Line, Model Text, and opening
    11.28 min
  • Session 10
    31.06 min
  • Session 11
    Annotations continued
    23.42 min
  • Session 12
    View Tab Part 1
    27.51 min
  • Session 13
    View Tab Part 2
    25.55 min
  • Session 14
    Linking and Importing Files
    19.40 min
  • Session 15
    Family Creation
    20.19 min
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