We make ensure to our users that on  purchasing our courses, be it instructor-led or self-paced (Pre- recorded sessions ) training will be great experience. Our online purchase experience has certain terms and conditions that govern our Refund Policy. You are automatically agreed to our Privacy Policy, Terms of use and Refund Policy on Purchasing of any of our services.

The terms of our refund policy are enlisted below:

Cancellation & Refunds: Online Training

For Self Learning ( Pre-Recorded Sessions ) : Amount will be non-refundable on purchasing of any of pre-recorded sessions, Only refundable in the case of non- availability of course due to technical problem in the site which will be not resolved by us within 1 week.

For Instructor Led Training:

Amount will be non refundable once the user will registered for for instructor led training ( Live online training ).

For Webinars

Amount will be full refundable only  in the case of cancellation of webinar due to technical problem and non availability of webinar trainer due to his/her illness or any  personal issues.