Rescheduling Policy

If REINFORCE  initiates any rescheduling of training events, the user will be entitled to:

  • 100% Refund, in case there is an inconvenience of the user because of the rescheduled dates and does not fit into the user’s schedule.
  • The user will have the privilege of rescheduling or attending class of the scheduled training according to his/her convenience (Location and Date), in the future.
  • In case the users want, they can send a replacement. However with prior notice to TechandMate.

Apart from that, in case a user wants to reschedule his/her registration to a later date due to some unavoidable circumstances, a rescheduling fee will be charged as mentioned below:

  • 10% of registration fee will be charged, if the rescheduling request is done 7 days prior to registration.
  • Rescheduling will depend on the availability of seats.
  • There is no rescheduling, if the request of rescheduling is received within 7 days or less, However, the user may send a replacement in that case.