Revit Architecture

Revit Architecture

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Course Description

Revit is BIM (Building Information Modeling) computer programming software that was first developed in 1997 and later acquired by Autodesk in 2002 for $133 million.

The Revit software includes many designing tools for complex designing engineering tools for architectural designing, structural engineering, and MEP.

The availability of a wide range of functionality tools in Revit software has contributed to its acceptance among architects, engineers, designers, and contractors.

The BIM-based Revit software helps the architects and engineers to conceive and transform their imaginations into reality with provided Autodesk Revit software tools.

During the procedure of designing, the Revit program uses streamlines with the use of a central 3d model. The changes updated in one view can be made available across other views as well as on printable sheets.

Why exactly is Revit the software leader in the construction industry?

Whether you’re a beginner in the designing industry or an experienced one, here’s precisely what Revit software has to offer to you in regards to roles in the architecture, engineering, and construction field.

At REINFORCE you will learn all about Revit Architecture to become a certified professional user. You will be trained to use all the tips and tricks of Revit Architecture to guide you into Certified Professional Exam.

In this Revit software course, you will be trained to create a full architectural model including Walls, Floors, Doors, Roofs, windows, Ceilings, etc.

You will also be trained for creating and printing sheets along with using Revit tools like annotate and tag in 3d model.

Some of the major topics which will be discussed in our Revit course are:

Project phases, mass modeling, travel paths, design options.

Who this course is beneficial for:

It is beneficial for all draftsmen, engineers, and architects are in the field of designing, and students in college and universities. It is also used by interior designers and contractors to render 3d models.

  • Lifetime access to alloted course
  • Govt. Certified + ISO Certified Certification
  • Doubt clearing sessions
  • Notes, PDF, Excel, and Drawings are available in all courses
  • Multiple video formats available
  • Video Speed controlling available
  • Installation of software assistance available
  • Watch preview videos before purchasing course.
  • Training medium, Hindi Language
  • Session 1
    5:55 min
  • Session 2
  • Session 3
    Units, Grid and Wall-1
  • Session 4
    Walls 2 and Materials
  • Session 5
    Walls 3
    22:01 min
  • Session 6
    Door, Windows and Place and Component
    26:06 min
  • Session 7
    Modify Tools
    28:35 min
  • Session 8
    Col. and Floor
    35:20 min
  • Session 9
    Model in Place
    20:37 min
  • Session 10
    Ceilings and lighting
    31:56 min
  • Session 11
    20:35 min
  • Session 12
    Railing and Ramp
    30:48 min
  • Session 13
    29:28 min
  • Session 14
    Model Text, Model lines, Rooms area, and opening
    34:25 min
  • Session 15
    Annotation part 1
    31:47 min
  • Session 16
    Annotation Part2 and Import and linkings of files
    23:45 min
  • Session 17
    Massing and Site 1
    26:37 min
  • Session 18
    Massing and Site 2
    14:32 min
  • Session 19
    View Tab-1
    31:49 min
  • Session 20
    18:24 min
  • Session 21
    View Tab-2
    20:47 min
  • Session 22
    View Tab-3
    29:53 min
  • Session 23
    Manage and Design Options
    23:22 min
  • Session 24
    Family Creation-1
    19:42 min
  • Session 25
    Family Creation-2
    30:01 min
  • Session 26
    Door Family
    30:06 min
  • Session 27
    Door and windows Family Creations
    18:21 min
  • Session 28
    Lighting Fixture Family
    26:43 min
  • Session 29
    Cushions and curtains Family
    16:28 min
  • Session 30
    25:10 min
  • Session 31
    40:25 min
  • Session 32
    25:10 min
  • Session 33
    19:31 min
  • Session 34
    33:32 min
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  • Duration : 14:51Hrs Hours
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